The Berlin-based, Portuguese designer, Fábio M Silva, asked me to write website copy for his personal site. His main requirements were to make him sound cutting-edge, ironical and diverse. 

Check out his website here: Fábio M Silva

Fábio M Silva is the true embodiment of design that is both exceptional and pure. His cutting-edge and genderless style, whether applied to his next fashion collection, performance art piece or digital music album, dances oh so daintily on the rim of androgyny; it encapsulates the very essence of irony and transcends into anything and everything that he produces. This little Design Diva can be equated to the ancient Japanese art of tea-making: his outcome, from concept to execution, is exact and pointed.

Fábio can be anything from a noun to an adjective, but when used as a verb the impact is far more effective.

Fábio is fearless and unafraid. Everything he touches turns to bold.