“You are one in seven billion. A dot in the universe, a mystified soul in a dark and very quiet room. When you die, and you will die eventually, you will evaporate into the then and now, remembered only by a handful of dots who, like you, will question their existence several thousand times before dying. Oh, the banality of it all. Why do I know this? I was there once, I was you once. I am aware of everything that you are experiencing. You are lost. And quite possibly scared. You’re constantly and consistently betwixt by the meaning of life and bewildered by the reality of death. But fear not, for there is hope! Oh, there is always hope. Now is the time to unearth the invisible heaven inside of you. Rise from the meaningless slum you’ve been incarcerated by, stand proud in this fight for glory and honor. Restore your righteous self and dine forever on the celestial fruits of what has been owed to you all along. Don’t ask questions of how and why. Simply close your eyes and TRUST ME, FOR I AM DIVINE!

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[Published in Slave Magazine London January 2014]