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Polaroid is the new hip and happening bar to be seen at in the Ciutat Vella area. The name says it all and the interior stays true to the theme. As you enter the bar there is a serious chill-out lounge spot to your left, for those still nursing a hangover from the previous night, or just wanting to escape the hum-drum of a sizable and excitable rowdy bunch deeper in. Once you cross the bar you can see they mean business with their low-lighting; colour co-ordinated and in primaries, dark walls adorned by various shades of neon pac-men (or something similar), a pop corn machine that actually works – hence the free bowl of pop corn served with every round. A round of beer doesn’t dent your pocket – in fact, be brave and order yourself a large draught; it’ll be worth it at €4 a pop. Once your eyes have adjusted to the darkness and your ears are tuned into the screeching sound of 80’s hits blaring in the background (granted, it was 80’s night the Wednesday we went there…) you’ll soon discover more subtle gems: toy figurines of your favourite superheroes, old movie posters boasting Carry Grant and the like. And there’s even (an attempt at) an E.T. replica where he is riding his bicycle into the moon – pretty cool really… They might as well have named this place ‘Hipster Land’ with all the semi-suited up hotties adorning the latest in hipster fashion (and I mean that in a good way!). Above and beyond the over-the-top decor there is a lot of visual stimulation, all fresh and mostly twenty-something. But the real question is this: would any of the youngsters there bopping their heads to a remixed 80’s tune even know who Lionel Richie and Cyndi Lauper are? Both, I might add, burdened with the job of indicating the girls’ and boys’ toilets respectively. But whatever, as long you’re having fun. I certainly did. And that’s why Polaroid will always be my number one bar in Ciutat Vella.

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[Published by PartyEarth November 2012]