I was asked by one of my clients to give him a brief overview of why it’s important to invest in online marketing and Google AdWords. Here is what I told him.

Grow With Google AdWords

For potential new clients there is nothing more irritating than Googling “…best lawyer in town…” and then ending up on a website for shark cage diving. And let’s face it, in the current credit crunch businesses can’t afford to waste bucks on expensive ads that may or may not hit their specific target market. When it comes to online visibility, Google AdWords allows your company to have a lot more control over When, Where and Who. Simply, it’s the most economic and effective online tool to ensure that your company attracts exactly the type of people it’s intended for.

I heart Online Marketing Because…

…it’s immediate, it’s effective and it’s very cheap!

Every company’s first and foremost concern with anything is how it affects their bottom line. How much will it cost?, is probably one of the first questions any business owner will ask when presented with a new marketing campaign. With online marketing you no longer have to consider the cost implications of things like printing, delivery and distribution, to name but a few. You can simply upload to your network of online platforms and voila, no mess, no fuss. Continuous data gathering makes it a lot easier to pin point your exact target audience, resulting in a more accurate hit rate and, ultimately less spillage, err, I mean wastage. This wonderful tool allows you to pretty much say “Good morning James, cool tattoo, I see you’re looking for a new pair of shoes. Please click here…”

We’ve come a long way since the days when Harry die Strandloper clumsily advertised his translation services in the sands of Clifton in the hope that some or other Dutch settler may see it and present him with a contract. Lately all you have to do is post something online and five minutes later you’re talking business. You no longer have to wait two and a half years for the latest European fashion trends to arrive on the Drommedaris, you can simply go online, click on your favourite pair of Addidas and have it delivered to your door before your next game of touchies. Online marketing saves you and your customers a lot of time, making it so much easier for you to sell them more.

As an added bonus James now has the opportunity to immediately tell you if he is dissatisfied with his new shoes. In turn that creates a valuable opportunity for you to appease an unhappy James by engaging with him instantly and thus securing his brand loyalty for years to come. In fact, if your online approach to mollify James is truly successful he might even mention your excellent client service alongside a picture of his awesome new shoes.

So what’s really great about online marketing, as opposed to conventional marketing, is the fact that you can communicate far more effectively and economically with a more specific group of individuals, leading to a greater hit rate and ultimately more money in the bank.