Ernst Bröcker Reference Letter – M. Nieuwoudt (PDF version)

To whom it may concern,

I write this letter with absolute delight and fond memories.

As Senior Production Manager, I had the pleasure of working closely with Ernst Bröcker for nearly 7 years (February 2006 – September 2012) on the local daily soap, 7de laan.  

During that time, Ernst became one of my favorite people and is one of a few individuals I can honestly recommend to any company that will treat him with respect and show appreciation for the asset the company will gain on employing him.

During his time at 7de laan, Ernst fulfilled and excelled in numerous roles within the production.  One of his key functions was to manage the script department to facilitate demanding daily recordings and broadcasting schedules.

On occasion, I purposefully pushed his boundaries to challenge him as Script Coordinator.  He never disappointed me or failed to meet my demands and may I add, we worked under extreme pressure.  Crisis management was the norm. 

Ernst thrived on stress, it seemed, and with each crisis he crawled deeper under my skin, as I realized I’m not the only ‘freak’ glowing with satisfaction after making mincemeat of yet another problem.

On a big production like 7de laan, one doesn’t rock the boat too much and by the time the rest of the production realized there was a problem, it was sorted – and we glowed.  Thanks to Ernst’s co-operation.

Due to ‘saving a forest’ and keeping this letter as short as humanly possible whilst writing about Ernst, I give you food for thought with the following words describing him:

  • Dedicated, hard worker, quick thinker, problem solver, creative, loyal, honest, reliable, trustworthy, multi-tasker, calm, loved, funny (even though we have a standing joke of me finding his jokes very lame).

Ernst is forever prepared to walk the extra mile, above & beyond the call of duty.  Your company can only benefit by employing him and that’s my promise.

My best wishes accompany him.

Yours sincerely

Mari Nieuwoudt

Senior Production Manager

(Specifically 7de laan:   Jan 2000 – December 2012)


Additional information:

Apart from crisis management as discussed, Ernst’s duties included:

  •  Liaising with the various departments to establish and confirm the feasibility and practicality of recording requirements;
  • Liaising with me to ensure that all factors of the recording schedule is taken into account the day before filming;
  • Managing the Producer’s schedule to align with the day’s output schedule, making sure that the key deliverables are met within deadline;
  • Managing and facilitating the delivery of writers’ briefs and ensuring that the deadlines are met;
  • Appeasing unhappy and dissatisfied writers and actors with just the right amount of sympathy and tact, making sure that their problems are addressed without compromising the production schedule and quality of the show;
  • Liaising with local South African writers and musicians to appear on the show;
  • Representing the company at various publicity functions and liaising with future project partners; book launches, CD launches, awards ceremonies, etc.;
  • Participating in meetings regarding wardrobe, sets, art department, actors and publicity;
  • Generating new stories according to 7de laan style and target audience;
  • Researching trends and fads linked to the target audience;
  • Writing ideas for scenes;
  • Generating writers’ briefs for scripts;
  • Proof reading and editing scripts;
  • Generating ideas and scripts for promos, teasers and advertisements.