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Cangrejo is one of the maddest, craziest, oddest bars in the area of Raval. The name literally means ‘crab’ – which would explain the giant glittering crustacean on the ceiling (I know, mirror balls are so last season…), but I have yet to figure out how it got its name… I have never seen a more diverse group show up at a gay bar and have so much unadulterated fun. Cangrejo is open to, and caters for partygoers of all ages, sub-cultures and sexual orientations. You don’t have to be gay to get in, but if you’re a recovering homophobe then this really isn’t the place for you. The bar staff are cute as hell (one bearded hunk with gorgeous teeth stands out in particular) and about as friendly as a pack of gay dolphins. The drinks are a bit on the pricey side, but after the first two cheesy pop songs on the dance floor you’ll have rid yourself of any budgetary issues as well as any inhibitions you might have fostered – which makes paying €8 for a gin and tonic and €3 for a beer seem like the most normal thing under the sun. Although it’s considered a night club there is no dress code. In fact, they have an unspoken policy – ‘less is more’… And things do tend to get rather heated (read: sweaty) on the dance floor. Fridays and Saturdays are best to go as they sport the funniest, liveliest and sexiest drag show around – there’s even an eighty-five year old veteran stomping her heels on stage and kicking up one hell of a glitter storm whilst she’s at it. The awesome thing is that there is no cover charge – but be warned if you sit your ass down without ordering a drink. Free loaders will be booted out. After being dazzled by enough sequins and feathers to revive the Titanic the chairs and tables are pushed to one side and a dance floor magically appears. A well balanced mix of current world hits, Spanish classics and a couple of golden oldies rev up the rowdy crowd and even manage to pull in a few extras from the street. Cangrejo is a big gay old institution in Raval and should be visited by all who venture there.

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