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Bun Bo Vietnam is a crazy little Vietnamese restaurant in El Raval (note: there is one in Gotico as well). Tourists, artsy folk and locals all appreciate Bun Bo’s easy-going, relaxed, off-the-wall atmosphere and budget-friendly, not to mention super yummy meals. Bun Bo is good for meeting a mate for a quick meal before heading back to work or taking your new love interest for a fun date. Everything about it is quite silly, reminding you not to take life too seriously. Pop hits are played at conversation level, but loud enough for you to get into a fun-loving mood – a prerequisite for blending into the mad scene that is Bun Bo. All sorts of Kitsch was flown in from Vietnam to dress the walls – an array of neon-coloured paper lanterns, beaded blinds and Asian dolls are scattered about and it more than transports you to another world. My Japanese friend and I opted for the menu: a choice of starter, mains, dessert and a drink – all for a meager €9. And one would imagine that for that kind of price the food would leave a lot to the imagination, but this was not the case – at some point we considered asking for seconds. Both of us had the healthy summer roll (not fried) stuffed with prawns, pork and salad accompanied by a peanut butter dipping sauce. For mains Mayumi had the chicken and noodle soup and I had the chicken and noodle stir fry – quite possibly one of the best I have ever had. For dessert Mayumi scoffed down an apple crepe (a pancake filled with cooked apples and cinnamon) and I had chocolate ice cream with nuts. That all got washed down with a glass of dry white wine, sadly the meal’s Achilles heel but it  was palatable nevertheless. If you’re up for a treat that is also budget-friendly, make sure to visit Bun Bo Vietnam in Raval – it’s worth it.

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