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Bubo is a gem, a cake shop cum restaurant in the heart of Sant Pere right opposite the Sant Pere de les Puelles church. It is important to note that the venue is split up into two sections separated by a couple of builds, though still a mere 15 meters apart. The one side focuses purely on various treats and cakes of all shapes and sizes, the other side being the restaurant where they serve both the cakes on offer from the cake shop, as well as a healthy array of meals and tapas. What’s great is that you can hand-pick your cakes from the cake shop side and have them ‘delivered’ to your table at the restaurant side and pay for it all on one bill. If you’re hoping o impress a date by being more romantic the cake shop side is far more intimate whilst the restaurant section is better suited for informal business lunches. The interior is modern yet warm, slick and stylish but still welcoming and easy-going. It is frequented by both locals and foreigners and although the pricing is more moderate than expensive, it draws a somewhat mature, sophisticated and affluent clientele. Ambient music filters through intimate conversations of people devouring luscious-looking cakes and sipping on their coffees. Heat lamps are scattered about to keep you warm and the waiters are very attentive, making sure that you are never left to your own devices, but not at all intrusive either. My friend had the Polo Opera, which came in the shape of a Magnum ice cream and consisted of coffee cream, hazel ganache, hazelnut biscuit and milk chocolate. It was indescribably delicious and costs €4. I had something more adventurous: the Big Mac-aron (also for €4) and quite literally looked like a Big Mac cheese burger. It was made from Macaron, Guanaja chocolate (a darker, slightly stronger chocolate), hazelnuts, marzipan and caramel ganache and fleur de sal. I have never ever in my life had something like that before – strange, delicious and very crunchy. Bubo is not just a cake and coffee shop, it’s an experience, a fantastical feast not to be missed if you happen to find yourself in Sant Pere.

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[Published by PartyEarth December 2012]